Hornbill Festival and beyond

6 to 12 days

Hornbill Festival Tour, Nagaland and Assam. Culture, Cuisine and Wildlife of Assam and Nagaland

Tour Highlights

Culture Tour of Nagaland & Assam: Tribes & Wildlife, Nagaland & Assam

This tour takes you to western Nagaland and central Assam.In Nagaland we get deep insights to the tribes of the region and their rich culture, Where as in Assam we indulge in a bit of wildlife safari's and Tea plantation stays.

Often cited as “festival of all festivals”, The Hornbill Festival is a grand celebration that is brought to life each year in Nagaland. It is named after a bird, who is a symbol of ‘‘Respect’’ and ‘‘Folklore’’ among the Nagas. The festival is a powerful representation of the Naga culture through splendid traditional music, dance, traditional games and performances. For a visitor it means a closer understanding of the people and diverse culture of Nagaland, and an opportunity to experience Naga food which is no less varied, as are the songs, dances and customs of the place. This colourful festival is a certain paradise for a foodie, particularly if one happens to be a non- vegetarian. Nagas love to feast and feed, and at Kisama one can try all kinds of Naga traditional food and also watch them being made during the Hornbill Festival days. Travellers are welcomed warmly to the traditional huts of each tribe showcasing respective traditions. For those interested, one may seat with the youths and elderly people of the tribes alike and interact with them. One can also take part in various contests such as Naga chilly eating, pork eating besides traditional games and other traditional competitions.

Meanwhile in Assam we visit the Kaziranga National Park. Famed as a haven for the one-horned rhinoceros, one of India’s great wildlife emblems, Kaziranga National Park encompasses grasslands, wetlands and forests for about 60km on the south side of the Brahmaputra River. Its 2400-plus rhinos comprise two-thirds of the world's population and you're highly likely to see some on any safari in the park (usually grazing peacefully). You'll probably also spot some of the park's 1100 elephants, and if you're very lucky, a tiger (over 100 live here). Also commonly seen are two other rare large mammals: the wild water buffalo and eastern swamp deer. Kaziranga is one of a handful of Wildlife parks that conducts Elephant back safaris, Jeep Safari's as well as boat safari's.

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